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With the G3, LG finally makes a phone that can take on Samsung & Apple (review)

With the G3, LG finally makes a phone that can take on Samsung & Apple (review)
News from VentureBeat:

You have to admire LG’s tenacity.

It doesn’t have the money and marketing clout of Samsung, its South Korean electronics sibling. And outside of TVs and home appliances, it’s struggled to establish itself as a premium consumer-electronics brand.

But LG is undoubtedly the Android phone maker most deserving of a “most improved” award, given its dramatic progress over the past few years. It went from creating middling devices in Android’s early years to becoming Google’s trusted partner for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones, which are notable for offering a pure Android experience.

Now we have the G3, LG’s third G-series flagship phone. And it’s a winner.

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Smartwatch Advances: Close Look at LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Gear 2
News from NDTV:

New Android wristwatches from Samsung and LG make a few evolutionary advances, though I won’t be rushing out to buy either.

Samsung’s Gear Live and LG’s G Watch are good products and will appeal to those who like to be among the first to own new gadgets.

The watches serve as pedometers and let you catch up on email, texts and Facebook notifications while your phone is in your pocket or charging in the bedroom. Even with the phone in your hand, you can check messages on the watch and keep playing video on the phone.

Both smartwatches try to keep things simple through voice commands rather than touch. They use Google’s Android Wear system, which I reviewed earlier.

Android Wear (

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