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Photos by Tyler Hayes

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Photos by Tyler Hayes
News from Paste Magazine:

For the past couple years, it’s been hard for LG to stand out among the many, many players in the flagship Android smartphone space. HTC was known for its hardware, Nexus devices were known for their pure Android experience, and Samsung for its laundry list of features, but what about LG? Unfortunately, LG often stood in the shadow of Samsung and resorted to copycat features and designs. Even devices like the G2, which surpassed most of its competition on the spec sheet, just didn’t have the design finesse or marketing money to really get consumers’ attention.

After months of rumors about new designs and technology, LG announced the G3, a phone that by name sounded like just another annual upgrade. Yet the G3 may be the smartphone that we’ve been waiting for LG to build for a long time. Does this new smartphone stand out from the crowd or is it just another pretender? Let’s take a look.


There’s quite a debate about how big a phone’s screen should be. iPhone diehards swear by their 4-inch wonders, while people looking to do more with their phones are increasingly looking to Android devices of the 5-inch or higher variety. While just saying the G3 has a 5.5-inch screen could…………… continues on Paste Magazine

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‘It has to be able to fit their buttocks’: Foxconn CEO mocks curved displays …
News from PCWorld:

Image: Michael Homnick

The curved displays on new smartphones coming from Korea were the target of a joke by Foxconn Technology Group’s CEO, who mocked the products as phones designed to fit the rears of consumers.

“People are talking about, wow, displays that can transform, but they forget that you have to be able to use the device,” Terry Gou said at the company’s shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday.

Both Samsung Electronics and LG have come out with smartphones built with curved screens, but Gou is less than impressed with the technology. The Taiwanese manufacturing giant assembles Apple’s iPhone and also competes in building TVs.

Gou recounted visiting the show booth of one of the Korean companies, where he asked the sales reps why the curved displays were needed.

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