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Stay ahead of the curve with these 11 tips and tricks for LG’s G Flex 2

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Stay ahead of the curve with these 11 tips and tricks for LG’s G Flex 2
News from Digital Trends:

Like any new piece of technology, there are plenty of quirks that may not be apparent when you unbox your new LG G Flex 2. Getting the most out of your new curved phone may require some hints. Here’s our guide to the important tricks and tips to get you acquainted with your new phone.

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Glance at your notifications with a down swipe on the lock screen

 The G Flex 2 has a new feature called Glance view. Holding your finger on the display, and then swiping down will show weather, time, and notifications. It’s a nifty feature that allows you to preview more information. It’s good for checking notifications, but some will find that it’s just as easy to preview notifications with knock on. For those who are new to LG phones, knock on involves double tapping on your phone to get quick access to the lock screen.

G Flex 2 picks up on gestures

Try this: Open the G Flex 2’s selfie cam and make a fist. When the cam recognizes your…………… continues on Digital Trends

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LG teases a look at the new LG G4 software
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If you’re counting down the days until the 28 April unveiling of the LG G4 flagship, then you’ll be interested in a new teaser video launched by the firm. It shows the LG UX 4.0 interface you can expect to see on the version of Android Lollipop shipping with the phone.

According to Google Translate’s take on LG’s Korean blurb, the new software is going to be “smarter” and more “human-centred”. You can see for yourself in the video, but it looks like Material Design features heavily, with bright and bold colours throughout.

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