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MP phone could have sourced porn pic, says Pheu Thai

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

MP phone could have sourced porn pic, says Pheu Thai
News from The Nation:

April 29, 2012 4:32 pm

Pheu Thai deputy spokesperson Sunisa Lertphakwat used an LG TV of the same model that is used in the parliamentary assembly hall as part of the demonstration.

She shared an image from an iPhone onto the LG LED TV in front of reporters at the Pheu Thai head office to prove that an iPhone could share images in this way, using a Wi-Fi connection.

On April 18, during a televised debate on constitutional amendment, large display screens inside the parliamentary chamber briefly showed a picture of a partly unclothed woman in a lewd pose.

Close the same time, Democrat MP Nutt Bantadtan was seen viewing a pornographic photo on his iPhone smart phone. Nutt later apologised, saying he was simply checking what pictures were sent to his phone.

An earlier investigation by a committee of the House Secretariat found that an iPhone and iPad could not share photos on the LG TV because the TV would require the iPhone and iPad users to key in a password.

The Nation

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