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Globe Phone Test: LG’s G3 is a perfect combination of awesome and boring

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Globe Phone Test: LG’s G3 is a perfect combination of awesome and boring
News from Joplin Globe:

Cars have this problem: When the basic mechanics under the hood don’t change much from model to model, it’s hard for a certain car to stand out. That’s why body styles differ so greatly.

But what about smartphones running the same OS? There are even less choices: Apple users get device choices that differ only in the amount of storage. Windows Phone users get to choose between a bigger screen or a phenomenal camera. BlackBerry users get to pick whether or not they want a keyboard.

Android smartphones offer some of the biggest differences between devices, from built-in pedometers to metallic cases. And still, there’s not much variety within that variety.

LG has released its latest flagship device, the G3. In order to stand out, LG has gone with a simple approach. Apps have been scaled back or combined for simplicity. The camera is redesigned for a one-touch approach. And for the most part, the approach works.

I tested out a G3 from AT&T for about two weeks and found it to be a good all-around device with very few quirks. The only annoyances about the phone were based on my own personal opinions.

Display dominates

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