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LG G3 set to go sentient and learn your phone habits

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

LG G3 set to go sentient and learn your phone habits
News from TechRadar UK:

  • LG G3 could one-up Galaxy S5 with QHD display
  • Tricky, tricky: LG G3 could land May to sidestep Galaxy S5
  • LG G3 may follow Sony and Samsung with waterproof body

As if a fingerprint scanner and an

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Review – LG G Flex
News from What Mobile:

Smartphones are either fat, thin, huge or tiny. But what unites them is that they’re all flat. That is until LG flexed its muscle with the G Flex. Its latest high- end device has a 6-inch screen and is curved from top to bottom, resembling a slightly- warped factory defect.

What purpose does this bend serve? LG offers a few suggestions: to fit the shape of your face better, to enhance the video-viewing experience and to reduce the distance between mouth and microphone and ear and speaker.

The price for all this elaborate tech is £570, making the Flex one of the most expensive phones on the market. Is LG kidding itself that bendiness is ‘innovation’ that warrants such a high price?


While LG has talked up the G Flex’s dent, you might not notice it straight away. The bend is very slight and only really noticeable when looking at the phone side-on. Still, it does slide along the side of your face as promised, although this is hardly the ergonomic miracle mankind has been waiting for.

From a design viewpoint the curve isn’t groundbreaking. It feels like a gimmick. It has no purpose e…………… continues on What Mobile

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