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LG’s 2015 flagship phone will feature an insane 3K resolution display

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

LG’s 2015 flagship phone will feature an insane 3K resolution display
News from BGR:

If you thought that 2K resolution is a bit too much for a smartphone featuring a display that’s barely bigger than 5 inches diagonally, then you might be shocked to learn handset makers aren’t stopping there. MyLGPhones has discovered a file on LG’s website that seems to indicate the upcoming LG G4’s display will have a 3K resolution.

FROM EARLIER: Leaked schematics may have revealed the Galaxy S6’s new design

Specifically, the user agent profile lists an LG-VS999 handset with a 2880 x 1620 screen. Comparatively, the LG G3 has a 2560…………… continues on BGR

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LG G4′s appeal will be all about design and the camera
News from TechRadar:

Making a phone stand out isn’t easy, but for the LG G4 the design and camera are going to be its key draws.

During its recent earnings call, LG claimed that its upcoming LG G4 flagship Android phone will separate itself with these handset design and camera tech elements.

Your first assumption on the design front might be a move to a metal phone shell, but don’t be too hasty.

The G4 sibling LG G Flex 2 has already been officially announced, and bears the same plastic outer we usually see in LG phones.

A self-healing back, seen in the original G Flex, is one possible solution, while LG’s signature rear buttons are likely to allow LG to maintain an incredibly skinny bezel for an all-screen front-on look.

Lights, camera, action

And for the camera? Rumours indicate the LG G4 will have a 16-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilisation.

Quite how such a setup separates the G4 from the pack remains a mystery.

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