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LG G Flex 2 Review: Innovative And Powerful But With Some Flaws

Friday, February 27th, 2015

LG G Flex 2 Review: Innovative And Powerful But With Some Flaws
News from Forbes:

The first LG G Flex 2 was an interesting phone. Seen by most people as just a gimmick its curved design and “self-healing” case was an interesting move for LG. I have to say though, not only did I love the first generation Flex, I also appreciate the fact that LG tries to do things a bit differently.

The second Flex is another interesting phone, and I’m pleased to say that LG has really tried to address some of the complaints I had about the first generation model. The screen is a new model, with a much improved resolution of 1080×1920. That gives the handset a more high-end look, although it falls short of some of the other flagships with their quad-HD resolutions.

For me, the big question about the G Flex 2 is how good it is as a phone. The curve, scratch resistance and bendability is really a secondary issue.

You can bend it

Let’s be honest, who cares if you can bend a phone. There is no one who needs to bend a phone – beyond those who made iPhone 6 bendgate videos – and it’s unlikely to appeal on this basis. What is perhaps relevant is that the bendability of the G Flex 2 means that it does actually make for a pretty rugged phone. Put it in any pocket, sit on it, and it will almost certainly survive.

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LG’s Four New Phones, Premium Features at a Medium Price
News from Small Business Trends:

Very soon, some major smartphone manufacturers are going to release new models of their flagship devices.

LG is getting a jump on them by announcing four new LG phones. And the company is hoping to attract customers with some mid-range price tags on those phones.

The company says that the Magna, Spirit, Leon, and Joy smartphones will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress conference. That’s where a few other companies are expected to make a splash with new devices.

LG offers a sneak peak at its new LG phones ahead of MWC. While others go high-end, the company is banking on an audience with a restricted budget.

Juno Cho, LG’s president and CEO, says in a statement on the company’s website:

“For millions of consumers around the world, the deciding factor on which smartphone to buy isn’t how fast or how big it is but how balanced it is. With our new mid-range smartphones, more and more customers will be looking to LG for their next handsets.”

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