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LG Special Phones for the Visually Challenged; Gifted to 2000 People

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

LG Special Phones for the Visually Challenged; Gifted to 2000 People
News from GizmoCrave:

The world has a lot of people who are like us, but are not lucky enough to have everything that we do.  And yet, we don’t do anything to help them or rather it’s more like, we don’t know how to help them.

LG, the Korean company decided to act upon this and award the unfortunate people who are visually challenged with specially-designed phones.

The phones do not have anything special, they do not come with the latest Snapdragon S4 chipset or anything of that sort, but what it does come with is a completely modified interface which can be used by voice commands.

LG is giving away 2000 of these specially designed phones away freely as part of their donation program.

The device, named LG-LU2700S, allows the visually impaired to listen to music, take a picture, call or do other functions by simply saying it to their phones.

What’s more is that even the manual that comes along with the phone  is in written in Braille so that the blind could read and understand what it says.

It looks like LG’s donation was made famous and a lot more people are interested in the specially designed phone.

If LG keeps this up, they can get a lot more fans and cu…………… continues on GizmoCrave

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