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LG Exclusive Application Brings Free Photo Editing To Windows Phone

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

LG Exclusive Application Brings Free Photo Editing To Windows Phone
News from everythingWM:


In a surprising appearance of any manner by LG in the Windows Phone space, they have released a photo editing application for LG Windows Phones. The application goes by the name of Photo Exhibition, and is only available exclusive to LG Windows Phone devices. The application, once a picture is loaded, will allow the addition of effects, borders, and clip art to your images. A nice additional feature is that edited images can be added to a collection and then shared on social networks such as Facebook.

To download the application on your LG Windows Phone simply search “Photo Exhibition” on the marketplace and you should find it. Unfortunately, due to the exclusive nature we couldn’t link it through windowsphone.com.

Plaffo via WMPoweruser</…………… continues on everythingWM

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Phone Firms Delay Manufacturing Locally Despite Telecoms Boom
News from THISDAY Live:

Mobile phones

Over the years, mobile phone manufacturers have promised to establish phone manufacturing plants in Nigeria, owing to the high growth of telecoms business in the country, but such promises have turned out to be empty. Emma Okonji looks at the challenges militating against the genuine intention of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
No Trace of Manufacturing Plants

The Nigerian telecoms market has been adjudged  the fastest growing market in the world, signing on over 94 million subscribers on its networks within a period of ten years. The market has not only created jobs for millions of Nigerians directly and indirectly, it has equally generated income for government through payment of taxes and spectrum licences.

Apart from the positive impact the market has created in the lives of subscribers, empowering them to communicate at will with persons in near and distant locations, the market has equally enhanced the business growth of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that are involved in mobile phone manufacturing.

The boom in the telecoms sector no doubt has rubbed off on OEMs, with phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, to mention but a few, smiling to banks from the sales of mobil…………… continues on THISDAY Live

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LG Optimus 3D Cube is a slimmer sequel, world’s first phone with 3D video editing

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

LG Optimus 3D Cube is a slimmer sequel, world’s first phone with 3D video editing
News from Engadget:

LG Electronics’ Optimus 3D Cube (Cube) Launches
■ SK Telecom, only the first line in early March guknaeseo
■ LG Electronics-SK Telecom jointly developed the “My Suit icon ‘feature
■ The world’s first “smart phone 3D image editing features provided ‘
■ Operating mode automatically changes the feature, ‘LG tag plus (Tag +) ‘mount
■ Jong – Seok MC Director “LG Electronics and SK Telecom, through its strategic partnership featuring” Optimus 3D Cube (Cube), 3D and 3G hit the market at the same time, “he emphasized

In early March, LG Electronics next-generation 3D smartphone “Optimus 3D Cube, (Model: LG-SU870) ‘will be released by SK Telecom only.

“Optimus 3D Cube (Cube) in collaboration with LG Electronics, SK Telecom 3G smartphone with planned premium, MWC (Mobile World Congress) from the previous global mobile-related media, the most pre-qualified products is one of the articles.

The most noticeable feature phones can decorate the way you want your own ‘My Suit icon’, ’3 D editing freedom ‘,’ LG Tag Plus (Tag +) ‘is equipped with specific functions, such as colorful.

“I feel like it icon ‘feature jointly developed by LG Electronics and SK Telecom, the first feature phone, smart phone menus and icons typical user through a simple touch yourself or download a picture you can decorate with images freely is…………… continues on Engadget

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LG Optimus L3 Android phone (preview)
News from PC World Magazine:

When it comes to smartphones, LG is arguably better known for its budget offerings than its premium models. The company’s latest entry-level smartphone, the Optimus L3, appears to be perfect example of that.

  • Expert Rating

  • User Rating

Ross Catanzariti PC World 22/02/12


  • Attractive looking design
  • “Floating” screen
  • Likely to be competitively priced


  • Small, low-res display
  • No Ice Cream…………… continues on PC World Magazine

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