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New Nexus rumors claim that LG will make Google’s next smartphone

Friday, March 20th, 2015

New Nexus rumors claim that LG will make Google’s next smartphone
News from PhoneDog:

After creating the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 for Google, a new report claims that LG could challenge Samsung for the title of most prolific Nexus maker.

Chinese site eToday claims that Google engineers recently paid a visit to LG headquarters, research and development labs, and factories where things like optical image stabilization (OIS) and wireless charging modules are made. The reason for the visit from these Googlers? They were reportedly there as part of a project codenamed “N000,” which also goes by the working name “Nexus 7.” (Yes, they’d need a new name since we’ve already got two Nexus 7 tablets.)

LG and Google are tight, having worked on two Nexus phones, a Google Play edition tablet, and three Android Wear watches in the past. Because of that history, it’s certainly possible that Google could tap LG for another Nexus phone after giving the Life’s Good crew a year off. Google has shown that it’s…………… continues on PhoneDog

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LG changed their mind, will launch the quirky LG AKA outside of South Korea …
News from Phandroid.com:

Originally designed exclusively for South Korea, LG has announced that they’ll soon be bringing their quirky AKA line to new markets, starting first in Hong Kong. The phones definitely have personality, something we never thought we’d say about a smartphone. Each LG AKA features a different character that peeks out from the top of their own accessories, showing off their own unique personas. There’s 4 characters total, which LG describes as:

  • Eggy (yellow) who falls frequently in love
  • Wooky (white) ever-so-impulsive
  • Soul (navy) music lover with a soft-heart
  • Yo-Yo (pink) who is always on a diet

It’s more than just cartoon eyes and cases, with the characters woven into the phone’s wallpapers, ringtones, and widgets. With soon to be global release of the device, LG has also added something they’re calling an “emotional UX element.” Essentially, users can further customize their AKA’s eyes with glasses or different eyebrows. They’ll even be including stickers and an “Art Toy” figurine which can be digitized by snapping a picture of it, then adding it to selfies or other photos taken by the phone.

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