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The checkered, slow history of Android handset updates

Friday, December 21st, 2012

The checkered, slow history of Android handset updates
News from Ars Technica:

Warner Bros. / Aurich Lawson

If power Android users can agree on one thing, it’s that Google, carriers, and smartphone manufacturers are maybe not the best at executing on Android OS updates. Things were going great in the early days when there was only the one flagship Android phone, but as more companies and carriers got involved the update situation fell apart. Google tried to intervene with the Android Update Alliance, which resulted in exactly zero improvements to update timeliness.

For those interested in getting the latest and greatest OS update the second it’s announced, these delays are a known negative of the Android platform. The growing history of OS releases shows all carriers and smartphone manufacturers drag their feet in the application of updates—but some carriers, some manufacturers, and some combinations thereof are marginally better than others at getting updates to their phones.

To see how well all of these companies have been doing, we took a selection of the hig…………… continues on Ars Technica

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