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LG’s new phones have strange digital characters living inside of them

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

LG’s new phones have strange digital characters living inside of them
News from The Verge:

Most smartphones look decidedly bland, so to set its new mid-range phones apart, LG is quite literally giving them some character. In Korea, LG is introducing the Aka line, a set of smartphones that each come in a different color and with a different digital character built into them. There are four characters in all, and each of them has a different personality that LG is hoping will appeal to buyers. You’ll even see their big eyes blinking at you while the phone is idle and in its case.

Their names are Eggy, Wooky, Soul, and YoYo

These are the four personalities, according to CNET: there’s a yellow phone, named Eggy, who falls in love easily; there’s a white phone, named Wooky, who talks in slang; there’s a blue phone, named Soul, who loves music and beer; and finally, there’s the pink phone, YoYo, who is the only female character in the group and is named after her tendency to eat a lot of hamburgers and drink a lot of Coke, causing her weight to “yo-yo,” which is definitely not the best character trait that LG could have given to its sole female character.

It appears that the phones each come with a matching case…………… continues on The Verge

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