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Will Verizon be launching LG Intuition on September 15th?

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Will Verizon be launching LG Intuition on September 15th?
News from The Droid Guy:

In this amidst crowd of Smart phones, we have another stiff competition at our hands in this September. Who is it this time? Samsung? HTC? It’s neither Samsung nor HTC; in fact it’s none other than LG, joining the big league of Smartphone companies like Samsung and Apple, to be releasing their phone next month.

The LG Optimus VU is coming to Verizon finally. This isn’t something new for the daily techno buffs since we’ve been hearing this news from a very long time and it’s about time the phone comes out. However, there is something new from the daily news, the carrier, as Verizon plans on changing the name of the phone which would soon appear on the line named as the LG Intuition.

There have been leaked pictures seen of the phone over the internet, which we suspect aren’t the real ones however we’ll still give you a quick review about it. The press render seems to show the all new Optimus VU/ Intuition with the collaboration of Verizon. The pictures are pretty much similar to the live pictures which have already been seen by most of us.

Another interesting thing about the phone is that it gives us clues towards the date when the phone is likely to be re…………… continues on The Droid Guy

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Coolpad: We Can Build Better Budget Phones
News from PC Magazine:

MetroPCS today announced the Coolpad Quattro 4G, the first U.S. smartphone from Chinese firm Yulong Coolpad.

The Quattro 4G is $ 99 without a contract, but Coolpad says it can offer a better build quality and better radio performance at $ 99 than its competitors.

This may be Coolpad’s first U.S. phone, but it’s a well-known name in Asia. Yulong Coolpad has been making phones since 1993. The brand “Coolpad” comes from the old “PDA days,” when the company was known for its Chinese-language handwriting recognition software, Nick Chen, president of Coolpad Americas said.

Like its much larger rivals Huawei and ZTE, Coolpad is based in Shenzhen. With 3,000 employees, it’s only a tiny fraction of those other companies’ size. But it punches well above its weight; continues on PC Magazine

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