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LG Cell Phone Lovers » Blog Archive » Report: Mozilla to Introduce First Mozilla Phone by LG at MWC

Report: Mozilla to Introduce First Mozilla Phone by LG at MWC

Report: Mozilla to Introduce First Mozilla Phone by LG at MWC
News from Tom’s Guide:

Could a developer handset for Boot 2 Gecko go on sale as early as next week?

We already know that we’ll be hearing about the Mozilla Marketplace at Mobile World Congress, but last week we heard that Mozilla was also planning to reveal its partners for Boot 2 Gecko, the company’s mobile OS. Mozilla has been working on B2G for quite a while, and though Firefox will definitely benefit from the Mozilla Marketplace, it’s the company’s mobile operating system that will gain the most from the app store. But what’s an app store or an OS, without a phone? The latest rumors suggest that in addition to talking about the Mozilla Market place and Boot 2 Gecko, Mozilla will be unveiling a special LG device.

ExtremeTech cites a source that says Mozilla will be announcing that it has partnered up with LG to make a developer-oriented mobile device for B2G. The device is expected to go on sale sale next week, but considering B2G is still in its infancy and this is a developer handset, ExtremeTech estimates that it will be mid-2012 before the phone is usable. It’s possible that this could be just a part of the B2G partn…………… continues on Tom’s Guide

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How Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Killing HTC One X & LG Optimus 4X HD’s MWC Debut
News from MotoringCrunch:

While all hopes were on the Samsung Galaxy S3 launching at MWC 2012, the Korean giant announced earlier this month that it would not be unveiling its flagship phone at the event and would be saving it for a later date.

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors to cloud HTC One X & LG Optimus 4X HD MWC debut

Now as the Mobile World Congress event approaches, we are getting a taste of what is to come, in particular what the other reigning Android phone manufacturers have to offer – the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD.

Both the HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD look set to be the flagship Android smartphones for their respective brands and boast huge HD displays, quad-core processors and stellar camera sensors. So basically, they are model next-generation smartphones.

However this isn’t enough to stop consumers from wondering what the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have to offer. And in the case of the tech journalism community, while they may praise the HTC and LG devices, Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors will continue to cloud the stories given that the device is already being dubbed as the Android smartphone of the year.

Alas, no consumer waiting to get their hands on the best Android smartphone will make a move on these two devices until they get a glimpse of what the Galaxy S3 is all about. And that is likely when Samsung will unveil the device, the moment th…………… continues on MotoringCrunch

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