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LG Optimus Vu review (unlocked)

LG Optimus Vu review (unlocked)
News from CNET:

As first impressions go, seeing the LG Optimus Vu will make your jaw drop — and not necessarily in the good way.

Though I heard about the Vu back in February as the “phablet” that was LG’s presumed answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note, I never saw it until it was sent to our offices for this review. At first sight, I asked myself the same question everyone else asked when I showed the device to them: “Is that really a phone?”

It may be difficult to believe due its large, squarish frame, but yes, the Vu does make calls. Just expect a lot of sneers from other people when you do so in public because this handset will stand out in a crowd.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, for those of you in North America who actually want it), the Optimus Vu won’t arrive at a U.S. or Canadian carrier anytime soon. It is exclusively available in Korea now, for an eyebrow-raising $ 900. And given that huge phones, including the Note, are appearing in K-dramas (screenshot by CNET), its oversized body might not be considered as daft as we think.

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News from Engadget:

LG’s Optimus L3 was always designed with modest ambitions — mostly of scooping up the starter smartphone crowd — but a new variant for Russia and the Ukraine has our ears perked. The tiny L3 DualSim includes two SIM slots to let locals hop between two different phone numbers with a switch. Ostensibly it’s to give jetsetting businesspeople a way to switch between their home and work phone lines, although the abundance of prepaid service options in the two countries makes us think there’s some cost-saving involved as well. The tweaked L3 isn’t just another dual-SIM conversion; LG has also seen fit to overcome qualms about performance with an 800MHz Snapdragon replacing the 600MHz of the original. Sadly, we’re not seeing any upgrades to the creaky Android 2.3 install or the 3-megapixel camera, so this won’t let you get a shrunken L5 on the cheap. At a price of 1,500 Ukranian grivnas (6,169 Russian rubles, or $ 186) without a contract, however, we suspect many Muscovites and Sevastopolians won’t have objections to picking up the L3 DualSim for themselves come the July release.

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