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News from Release Date, Price, Specs and New Features – The Fuse Joplin:

If you’re not interested in HTC One M8 , Sony Xperia Z2, and Samsung Galaxy S5 then there’s another flagship Android phone that could be worth waiting for and it’s LG G3! Here you’d know more about LG G3 release date, price, specs and new features.

The LG G2 smartphone was announced in mid August 2013 and has emerged as a top seller. Millions of people own it and are extremely impressed. In other words, the new LG G3 has very large shoes to fill.

Release date

LG is planning to launch LG G3 on 27 May and has already sent out invitations for the launch event. There will be press events in New York, San Francisco, and London with another unveiling in Singapore, Istanbul and Seoul on 29th May.


As for the smartphone’s pricing scheme, there are rumors that it would cost $ 200 on contract, or $ 650+ without any carrier subsidies.

LG G3 Specs


According to some industry sources, the LG G3 will have 1440 x 2560 QHD display. It will possibly be 5.5 inches in size, which if true would mean 535 pixels per inch. Currently 1080 x 1920 is the go-to resolution for flagship phones like Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5 but if LG G3 wants to stand out from the crowd then QHD screen c…………… continues on Release Date, Price, Specs and New Features – The Fuse Joplin

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LG attempts to distance Isai FL and G3 from one another
News from Phandroid.com:

It was only yesterday Japanese carrier KDDI officially announced the LG Isai FL. Carrying a 5.5-inch QHD display, ever since we first caught glimpse of the Isai a few weeks back we figured we were merely looking at a Japanese branded LG G3.

At the time, the LG Isai FL carried many of the same rumored specs as the LG G3, leading us (and many others) to believe the phone may have offer a sneak peek at what LG has in store for the upcoming LG G3 — namely, its incredibly small upper bezel area. Despite last year’s model being practically a mirror image of the G2 (see below image), it appears that may not be the case this year.

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