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LG G3 review

LG G3 review
News from Telegraph.co.uk:


When it comes to the 13MP camera and 4K video footage, however, the G3 performed superbly: in low light and in variable lighting conditions, its laser focus meant it was quicker to find what was wanted and to capture the picture needed. What it doesn’t improve significantly, however, is the time it takes the camera to boot up. So again, this is an improvement without a major impact. A welcome step but an incremental one, just like the stripped down, simplified camera interface LG now adopts. Overall, the picture quality is as good as the competition all round, and fractionally better in places.

Design and interface:

The best thing about the LG G3, however, is the way its plastic-but-feels-like-metal construction feels in the hand, the tiny bezels around the edge and the on-screen interface. The placement of the power and volume buttons on the back take some getting used to, but in the end I liked the approach very much.

The new interface is much flatter, with redesigned icons and much less clutter. Where it’s got uniquely LG features, they’re largely useful: smart cards suggest adding frequent callers to your contacts, but don’t harangue you too much. It’s lightweight and doesn’t get in the way of Android too much, which is great for the user but possibly not great long term for LG’s aim to different…………… continues on Telegraph.co.uk

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News from Computerworld:


July 30, 2014 06:30 AM ET

Computerworld - LG really wants you to want its phones.

The Korean manufacturer has been working diligently to improve its devices with each passing year — and it shows. This year’s new flagship, the LG G3, is by far the company’s best effort to date. For the first time, LG is moving beyond mere specs and finding meaningful ways to make its products stand out. But is this enough to make the G3 actually worth owning?

I’ve been living with the U.S. model of the LG G3 for the past several days to search for that answer. (I also spent some time getting to…………… continues on Computerworld

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