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LG G3 review: the phone every Android OEM should make

LG G3 review: the phone every Android OEM should make
News from Android Community:

Nate Swanner

Latest in their lineup of flagship Android handsets, the LG G3 is one beast of a handset. Packing a big screen into a surprisingly small frame, there are two attractions that everyone keeps chatting about: that screen and the battery life. After toying with the G3 for a few weeks, we’ve drawn our conclusions. Is this the Android phone to beat?


We will note, straight away, that we are not testing the US build of the G3. That final US model will be largely (if at all) unchanged, save for the extendable antennae present on our South Korean model.

The G3 makes some interesting compromises. To get thin bezels, they placed the power key and volume rocker on the back. The plastic build of the phone feels anything but cheap, and it’s lightness is a stark contrast to the profile and appearance. We often equate heft to quality, and the LG G3 is both light and premium.

Having the power and volume on the back leaves the sides, top, and bottom relatively blank. There is a Micro USB port on the bottom, along with a headphone jack. A small microphone on the top and bottom of the phone are also there, but other than that — you get a thin, metallic strip breaking up the mostly white body.</…………… continues on Android Community

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LG G3 battery: fully up to the challenge
News from androidandme.com:

Without a battery, a phone is nothing. It’s unable to perform any task. Unless, of course, you’re planning to use your phone as a hammer. But anything that requires the phone’s internals to actually work is a no-go, which means that the battery is of great importance on a smartphone. Too often we see high-end smartphones dominating in every aspect but the battery, so in our testing of the LG G3, we were interested to see how its battery performs.

We’re happy to report that the LG G3 is well up to the challenge of keeping itself going. The 3,000mAh battery is built to compensate for the powerhouse specs inside the G3′s body. We found that with moderate usage, it was easy to make it through the day from 7:00AM to about 11:00PM. The LG G3 left us with about 20% battery life at the end of the day, give or take a bit.

Editor’s Note: The review unit we were provided was a Korean LTE-A model. As such, all battery testing was done over Wi-Fi connections. Obviously, battery life will differ when using LTE, but we still felt that it would be important to report battery life based on Wi-Fi.

With a heavier day of usage, including streaming video and some games, the G3′s legs gave out closer to 5:00 or 6:00PM. Still, 11 hours of solid battery life is nothing to scoff at, and is more than we expected from a device like the G3.

What worried us abo…………… continues on androidandme.com

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