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LG G3 phone to get lick of Android Lollipop this week

LG G3 phone to get lick of Android Lollipop this week
News from CNET:

The latest flavor of Google’s mobile operating system will start hitting LG’s latest flagship phone this week — albeit in Poland — with other key regions slated for “the near future.”

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LG G3 Screen Considered Lower Quality than Chinese Entry Phones at 2.5x Price
News from BusinessKorea:

The G3 Screen with LG Electronics’ own application processor (AP) is suffering from sluggish sales, as it is widely acknowledged to deliver low performance for its price. The new handset is even inferior to the X3 with Huawei’s own AP, but the launch price of the G3 Screen is 2.5 times higher.

According to industry sources on Dec. 1, there is growing controversy over low performance of the G3 Screen in online communities for smartphones. A source in the industry said, “LG has never designed its own AP before, but this is too much,” adding, “Chinese entry-level APs are one generation ahead of LG’s AP.””

It has been more than a month since the new model was introduced to the market on Oct. 24, but it has posted a poor sales growth. An industry source said, “From the beginning of sales, more than 250,000 won [US$ 224] of mobile phone subsidies has been injected. Currently, the device can be purchased at around 200,000 won [US$ 179], but sales volume is pretty low.”

The reason for sluggish sales lies in the fact that the G3 Screen equipped with LG’s first AP Nuclun performs poorly compared to prices. Nuclun is an octa-core processor composed of a 1.5 GHz quad-core chip and a 1.2 GHz quad-core chip, developed with an investment of more than 200 billion won (US$ 179 million) over the past two years.

Industry analysts are saying that LG has yet to sol…………… continues on BusinessKorea

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