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LG G2: One of the Best Android Phones in the Market?

LG G2: One of the Best Android Phones in the Market?
News from Gizmodo India:

What is it?
The latest flagship Android smartphone from LG that attempts to change the way we hit the buttons on a smartphone.

Who is it for?
Like all flagship phones, LG G2 costs a premium but if you are looking for options in the Android world, the G2 is right there amongst the top. If you don’t mind the general brand perception, it’s a great option on the table.

The LG G2 reinvents the traditional hardware design of smartphones. The volume rocker and power button are unusually placed at the rear of the phone rather on the edges. LG points at the observation that most users rest their index finger at the back while holding the phone. The claim is interesting and the attempt is brave, but the user experience is awkward. In most cases, I could never hit the intended button on first try. Maybe it grows on you over time. However, credit goes to LG to design the buttons in such a way that it is extremely unlikely that these buttons will be clicked accidently when the device is laid flat.

LG G2 features an incredible 5.2-inch 1080p IPS display with one of the thinnest bezels. The edge-to-edge experience is impressive, and the colors are bright and vivid. Even with its size, the G2 fits nicely in the hand and in a pocket, or maybe it’s us getting used to large-size…………… continues on Gizmodo India

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