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LG G Flex2 review

LG G Flex2 review
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Curved shapes are evocative, attractive, tactile, and sometimes even sensual. The G Flex2 is LG’s second curved phone, and while the original stood out visually, it didn’t make our knees go all wobbly when it came to processing power. On paper, the G Flex2 fixes all the complaints about the G Flex. Let’s find out if the phone can live up to expectations this time around.

Hands-on video

Phones don’t get better looking

The G Flex2 feature everyone comments on is the curved screen. It’s not a dramatic curve at just 23 degrees, but it’s noticeable from all angles, and it gives the phone a very individual look. Nobody will mistake this phone for anything else, certainly not an iPhone, and that’s a very welcome thing in today’s oblong block-obsessed phone world.

The G Flex2 cures complaints about the G Flex being all style and no substance

Is it only there for aesthetic reasons? Initially, I didn’t expect it to be anything other than a gimmick, but I was very wrong. The curved screen makes the phone tougher than those with flat screens, and it’s better equipped at absorbing shocks. It also places the microphone closer to…………… continues on Digital Trends

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