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Is the LG G3 ‘the best Android phone ever’? Well…

Is the LG G3 ‘the best Android phone ever’? Well…
News from Computerworld:

Plug in, turn on. Veteran Android journalist JR Raphael goes beyond the headlines to serve up a fresh mix of Android news, views, and how-to’s. Try it with margarine for a low-cal treat!

Have you noticed how much smartphone reviewers love superlatives?

Seriously — it’s insane. I’ve lost count of the number of headlines I’ve seen proclaiming the LG G3 to be “the best Android phone ever” and other things along those lines. Some of ‘em even started showing up from U.S. publications before anyone had actually used a U.S. model of the phone (and remember, the international model didn’t fully work on U.S. networks!).

When you follow tech news long enough, it’s really no surprise. Practically every major flagship phone that comes out is

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LG’s new flagship G3 phone is good, but lacks pizazz
News from The Seattle Times:

Originally published August 22, 2014 at 3:24 PM | Page modified August 22, 2014 at 5:52 PM

If Samsung represents one extreme in the move to add new bells and whistles to smartphones, LG seems to be aiming for the other end of the spectrum.

In its Galaxy S line of phones, Samsung has taken the kitchen-sink approach each year by adding a host of new features, from new ways to shoot photos to new hardware elements like pulse monitors.

But too often, the add-ons have been either poorly conceived or partly developed.

LG takes the opposite approach. With its new flagship smartphone, the G3, the company focuses on only a handful of new features, most of which are subtle improvements rather than flashy advances.

I like the idea, but I think LG may have carried things too far. The G3 is a good phone, but it’s not exciting.

Like many other Android flagship phones these days, the G3 touts a jumbo-sized screen, a long-lived battery and a fast quad-core processor.

But unlike those phones, the G3’s interface is relatively unmodified from standard Android. And its tweaks — like its three-page home screen that flips like pages in a book — are fairly subtle.

LG has sought to distinguish the G3 not through its interface or the size of its screen but through the resolution of its display. It’s one of the first phones…………… continues on The Seattle Times

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